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Posts from — April 2010

Liar, liar pants on fire: more from the soap opera called Jenna and Tito

Jenna Jameson passed a drug test, the OxyContin her boyfriend/lifemate, Tito Ortiz, found in her clothes were leftovers from her druggie days and the whole spousal abuse thing was a huge “misunderstanding,” according to Ortiz’s lawyer, Chip Matthews.

Okay, before I go any further, Chip Matthews? What kind of lawyer goes by Chip? Seriously. Chip Matthews sounds like sitcom character from the ’50s, or a Fox news anchor (which isn’t far from a ’50s sitcom character) .

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Mayhem Miller likely facing suspension, but what about Shields, Melendez and the Diaz dummies?

Looks like the hammer’s about to fall on Jason “Mayhem” Miller for his role in the Strikeforce brawl two weeks ago. Miller has been scratched from the promotion’s June 16 event in anticipation of a suspension being handed down by the Tennessee Athletic Commission. He’ll be replaced in his bout with Robbie Lawler by Renato “Babalu” Sobral.

All I want to know is, if they suspend Miller for the relatively minor part he played in the post-fight dust-up, what can we expect for Strikeforce middleweight champ Jake Shields, as lightweight champ Gilbert Melendez and brothers Nick and Nate Diaz? After all, Shields threw the first strike and the other three stooges jumped in to beat Miller down to the canvas.

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Ultimate Fighters are Gay. Check it out.

I’m pretty sure there’s a lawsuit in the future of this website. And plenty of jokes about rear-naked chokes and standing and banging and ground-and-pound. FYI, this is NSFW. Unless you work at a place called the Toolbox or the White Swallow.

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Find out what training with Chuck Liddell is really like

What does everybody think of Chuck Liddell’s coaching on The Ultimate Fighter? Compared to opposing coach Tito Ortiz, he’s been unimpressive, although that might have as much to do with how the episodes are edited so that the focus is on the build-up to Ortiz leaving the show than it does anything to do with Liddell or his abilities as a coach. Was he even in Wednesday’s episode? I only recall seeing his assistant coach, John Hackleman, whose instructions, like Liddell’s, consisted mostly of telling the fighters to let their hands go.

Still, I’m very curious about the seminar Liddell is giving at Revolution MMA in Toronto on June 26, two weeks after he faces Rich Franklin at UFC 115. I’m even more curious about the man who will be accompanying Liddell, Scott Epstein. Epstein is a 10th Planet Jiu-jitsu black belt under Eddie Bravo and Liddell’s jiu-jitsu and strength and conditioning coach. I can’t even recall the last time Liddell was on the ground in a fight. When he wasn’t being knocked out, I mean.

That said, everybody knows that attending a seminar with a UFC fighter is all about the experience, of being up close and in the presence of MMA greatness. Sure you might learn something new to stick in your arsenal, but mostly it’s about being able to brag to your buddies “I trained with Chuck Liddell.” Plus, you get a picture with him you can put on your Facebook profile.

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David Loiseau got screwed and that sucks but…

David Loiseau got screwed. He was scheduled to fight on the undercard at UFC 113 in Montreal but couldn’t get licensed by Quebec’s HUAC-like athletic commission, the Régie des Alcools, des Courses et des Jeux (Regulators of Alcohol, Racing and Gaming).

He was denied because the new owners of XMMA, the promotion of which Loiseau used to be part-owner, are being investigated for possible criminal ties. Okay, let’s just say it – the guy who now owns XMMA is connected to the Hell’s Angels. Big shock. Organized crime in Quebec.

[

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Something’s wrong when Manny Gamburyan is the highest-paid fighter on the card

While I’m glad that UFC president Dana White made good on his promise that fighters at last Saturday’s WEC 48 Aldo vs. Faber would get a bigger payday than usual, there’s still something rotten in the state of Denmark.

The event exceeded expectations at every level, from the quality of the fights to the number of viewers. It pulled in a gross live gate of close to $800,000 and drew somewhere north of 150,000 pay-per-view buys, close to double what White would’ve settled for a couple of weeks ago.

So with all of the success, something’s out of whack when there are still fighters on the main card who only earn $7,000 for their efforts. Crazier still, Manny Gamburyan cashed the biggest cheque – $101,000 – although that includes an $18,000 win bonus and $65,000 Knockout of the Night bonus.

Now, I’m not begrudging Gamburyan a good payday. He knocked Mike Brown out in stunning fashion, literally and figuratively, and he trains as hard and as long as anybody else. But when featherweight champ Jose Aldo, one of the most exciting, dominating fighters in the sport, only makes 40 grand, half of which was a win bonus, there’s something wrong with the math.

And don’t get me started on the preliminary card fighters, like Demetrius Johnson, who earned just $3,000 for his troubles and doesn’t have the same kind of exposure and thus sponsorship dollars coming his way. And yes, I know that if he was a better fighter he’d be making bigger paydays; that’s not the point. The point is simply that being an MMA fighter just doesn’t pay and no matter how much White and Zuffa want everyone to believe being a WEC fighter is like being an NBA star, that cheque bounces like a rubber ball.

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Mike Brown takes loss like a man

This is what I like to hear from fighters. Mike Brown, who got his bell rung by Manny Gamburyan at last Saturday’s WEC 48, has come forward to say that his loss had nothing to do with any personal issues he may have been dealing with.

UFC president Dana White said during post-event interviews that Brown was going through a bad breakup and had missed a couple of weeks of training camp, which may have factored into the upset loss. No so, says Brown. He tells MMA Junkie that personal problems had nothing to do with getting KO’ed, Gamburyan’s right fist did.

How refreshing, how excuse-free, how stand-up and take responsibility of Brown. How very un-Tito Oriz.

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The UFC should dump Tito Ortiz. It’s the smart thing to do

I’m amused, appalled and embarrassed, the latter because despite my pronouncement that I wouldn’t wade back into the muck and sludge of the Tito Ortiz-Jenna Jameson domestic violence saga, here I am, hip-deep in the ooze and worried about leeches.

The amused and appalled part? It’s the race between Ortiz and Jameson – MMA’s answer to Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee, Chris Brown and Rihanna, Charlie Sheen and the closest pair of 36Cs – to throw each other under the bus.

[

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Tito Ortiz leaves a worst taste in my mouth than usual. Wait, that doesn’t sound right. Oh, whatever. You know what I mean

That’s it, I’m officially done with the Tito Ortiz/Jenna Jameson domestic violence story until there’s some sort of resolution to report on, some cold hard facts, some relevancy to MMA and the UFC maybe. Until then, this is it. I’ll bring you up to date on the day’s events and leave it at that. Find out about Ortiz’s horrible day in jail or Jameson’s injuries and all the other distasteful dirt over on TMZ.

Okay, so here’s where things stand:

  • Jameson’s father is reportedly the one who made the 9-11 call about the “domestic disturbance” (not that it matters who made the call).
  • Ortiz was arrested on suspicion of domestic violence, held and then released on $25,000 bail. He wasn’t charged, the Orange County District Attorney’s office is reviewing the case to determine if charges are warranted.
  • Jameson says she’s planning to press charges and that she also hoped they could work things out for the sake of their two kids.
  • UFC president Dana White says he could cut Ortiz if he’s charged and found guilty, because “other than going on a killing spree, being accused of domestic violence is the worst thing you can have going for you” (a poor choice of words on a couple of levels).

That’s it, that’s all. Time to find some mouthwash.

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Should Urijah Faber keep fighting?

Urijah Faber says he’s still got a few fights left in him, but that hasn’t stopped his hometown newspaper, the Sacremento Bee, from calling for his retirement following his lopsided leg-killing loss to WEC featherweight champ José Aldo on Saturday.

“Without Faber, the WEC would not have had its first pay-per-view event Saturday night at Arco Arena. Without Faber, the WEC still would be in the shadows of the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Without Faber, WEC fighters would not make the money they do in and out of the ring. But featherweight champion José Aldo delivered a message to Faber – through numerous, painful leg whips – that should have come through loud and clear: Retire. Retire now, not after another loss in which you’re cheered entering the octagon and booed leaving it. Faber couldn’t beat Aldo on Saturday night or any other day of the week. No shame in that. Aldo is a young, powerful kid. He didn’t even use most of his aggressive arsenal against a foe he truly respected. Faber has made Sacramento proud, restoring pride to a once-great fighting city. He’s a true warrior who has survived many battles. Why risk tarnishing that image or risk the chance of injury? Take a bow, Urijah.”

[

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