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Posts from — August 2010

Dana White takes your calls

This video shows exactly why the UFC is one of the biggest, most fan-friendly sports organizations in the world. Can you imagine if other sports owners or business owners or – dare I say it – politicians made a similar bold move and set up a hotline for people to call and that the boss actually answered? Sure, it’s a short-term day-of-fight kind of deal, but it’s genius in terms of bolstering the fan-promotion connection.

August 30, 2010   No Comments

Chuck Liddell and James Toney should star in The Odd Couple (subtitles required)

Chuck Liddell gets his mohawk shaved for charity, but the shape of his skull isn’t what caught my attention. I’ve seen quite enough of him already, thank you. It’s Liddell’s mumbling, spacey speech. We’ve seen this before, haven’t we?

August 30, 2010   2 Comments

GSP vs. Josh Koscheck set for Montreal, December 11

No surprise that Montreal has been announced as the venue for Georges St. Pierre vs. Josh Koscheck. UFC 124 will rock the Bell Centre on December 11 in the wake of the GSP- and Koscheck-coached 12th season of The Ultimate Fighter, which begins airing on September 15 on Spike. Actually, there’s a little surprise since Koscheck was vehement that he wouldn’t face GSP on GSP’s home turf following UFC 113, which saw Koscheck beat Paul Daley, get sucker-punched and then trash the Montreal Canadiens. I’m sure UFC president Dana White subsequently reminded Koscheck that Montreal is the UFC’s biggest market (at least until Toronto hosts its first event) and that will mean greater attention (and earnings) for all of the fighters.

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Shaq vs. Tito Ortiz: the UFC 118 sideshow continues

Newly acquired Boston Celtic Shaquille O’Neal has dabbled a little in MMA. So has Tito Ortiz. But this is nothing more than a goof, a lark, a photo op and a chance to grab a few headlines. Still, there’s always something car-wreckishly appealing about David and Goliath stories, especially when it involves an athlete way out of his depth.

August 28, 2010   1 Comment

Everybody’s talking Toney, I’m thinking Maia

While James “Lights Out” Toney and Randy Couture grab all the headlines heading into tonight’s UFC 118 in Boston, there’s a bout a little further down on the card that has me most curious. Not Kenny Florian vs. Gray Maynard despite the fact that it’s a lightweight contender bout with Fight of the Night potential. Likewise Nate Diaz vs. Marcus Davis, neither of whom I can stand (Davis because of some appalling comments he made regarding Dan Hardy and Diaz because he’s a Diaz and bat-shit crazy).

Nope, I’m looking forward to Demian Maia vs. Mario Miranda. I love Maia, love his jiu-jitsu, and really want to see how he rebounds after his loss to middleweight champ Anderson Silva, where Silva acted like an ass and Maia gave a gutsy performance that saw him stand and bang as much as Silva would let him.

As for Miranda, he’s 1-1 in the UFC and coming off a TKO win over David Loiseau, which really isn’t much of an accomplishment at this point in Loiseau’s career. A Maia win doesn’t put him back in title contention, not by a long shot, but it assures his place among the top three or four contenders, which means bigger tougher fights ahead, and that’s good to see.

August 28, 2010   No Comments

Video: Ariel Helwani tries to ask James Toney one more question

The more I watch boxing champ James Toney in interviews, the more I hope he shocks everyone and knocks Randy Couture out at Saturday’s UFC 118. There’s something about his over-blinged, marble-mouthed, thug-parody personality, it’s like some weird performance art that I can’t look away from.

August 26, 2010   No Comments

King Mo and Noons suck air

You might’ve noticed something strange at Saturday’s Strikeforce: Houston event. I’m not talking about Muhammed “King Mo” Lawal losing his light heavyweight title to a hard-slugging Rafael Cavalcante or Bobby Lashley losing steam and falling to Chad Griggs. Both Lawal and Lashley have been more hype than execution so far in their MMA careers.

No, what I’m referring to are the oxygen bottles King Mo and KJ Noons sucked from between rounds in what would appear to be a clear violation of the rules. Check out’s full breakdown of the matter. The only argument I can see in favour of allowing the cardio-boosting oxygen puffers is that they merely deliver a more concentrated version of what the fighters and every other mammal on the planet already inhale. But if the rules ban them, then why were Lawal and Noons allowed to use them?

August 23, 2010   No Comments

This sounds like the old, likable Forrest Griffin

Because I’ve kind of missed Forrest Griffin’s way with words:

“I hope I am not fighting Jon ‘Bones’ Jones. I might be. Fuck it; if I am, I am. I will do it, but I am not even training right now. That is a bad dude. That dude will whoop my ass. Fuck it. What is the worst, I mean, it could not be worse than Anderson Silva. It should not be worse than that, right? Every fight I go into, no matter what happens, it could not be worse than Anderson Silva. Because that shit was a year ago and literally every day people ask me something about that – ‘What happened? What happened?’ [Anderson punched me in the chin] Repeatedly and I was very confused. I tried to punch him and he literally moved his head out of the way and looked at me like I was stupid for doing it. He looked at me like – ‘Why would you do such a stupid thing?’ He looked at me like – ‘Oh, did you really think you were going to hit me? What a stupid thing to think, you slow slow white boy.’ Then he punched me. I felt embarrassed for even trying to punch him.”

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Cro Cop imitates Tito Ortiz, starts making his excuses now

What do we make of Mirko “Cro Cop” Filipovic’s admission that he won’t be 100 percent when he steps in to replace the injured Antonio Rogerio Nogueira against Frank Mir at UFC 119?

This is what he tells Fighters Only:

“I am aware that I am not going to be 100-percent for this fight because in this sport five weeks notice is basically last-minute notice. But I know the UFC had no other solution and so I could not refuse the owner of the UFC, who has made me financially secure, or the UFC fans, who I do not want to disappoint.”

He’s taking the fight on five weeks notice, which isn’t a lot of time compared to the 8-12 weeks a training camp usually consists of,  and it’s common knowledge that fighters rarely – if ever – go into a fight at 100 percent. The toll of training is just too great. But hearing the Croation sensation and former PRIDE terror admit as much, especially given his recent mental lapses, doesn’t fill me with enthusiasm or hope that he’ll take Mir’s head off (or even pose much of a challenge at all). It’s like he’s laying the groundwork for the excuse he’ll give after he loses. I hope I’m reading this wrong and we see some of the Cro Cop of old, but I don’t like to hear any fighter talk about weakness in such blatant terms, even if it is refreshingly honest.

August 22, 2010   No Comments

No drug testing at Strikeforce: Houston is a Mickey Mouse mistake

MMA Junkie is reporting that none of the fighters at Saturday’s Strikeforce: Houston event were drug tested. The Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation overseeing the event doesn’t require testing and only conducts testing at the specific request of the promotion, such as when UFC 103 came to town. And Strikeforce CEO Scott Coker didn’t think it mattered enough to make such a request or to implement his own testing.

This is baffling. Why wouldn’t Coker want the fighters tested? Was it the expense? Was it just a case of “the TDLR doesn’t care so why should we?” The decision makes the promotion look shifty, unprofessional or both. Now, I’m not one of these “steroids are evil” pulpit pounders. I couldn’t care less that Shane Carwin has been connected to a steroid scandal. I think a lot of fighters take advantage of whatever they have available to them, considering the punishment their bodies take not just in the fights but during training. It’s as much about being able to heal muscles and recover quickly and keep training as much as it is building muscles and getting stronger.

That said, if you’re caught breaking the rules you need to pay the price. But the lack of drug testing by Strikeforce sends a message that they don’t care about holding fighters accountable to the rules. And that looks bad.

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