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Posts from — October 2010

Gabriel Gonzaga gone from the UFC

It appears that Gabriel Gonzaga is retiring from mixed martial arts. The Brazilian heavyweight announced on his Twitter on Thursday that he’s been cut by the UFC following his unanimous-decision loss to Brendan Schaub at UFC 121. Before that he lost to heavyweight contender Junior Dos Santos.

Gonzaga states: “Official now, out of UFC… Back to normal life and BJJ forever.” Of course, the only thing keeping Gonzaga in the UFC this long was the head kick heard round the world – his shocking flattening of Mirko “Cro Cop” Filipovic way back at UFC 70 three years ago – and the hope that he might repeat the performance.

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Female Shinya Aoki tops Bellator 34 card

There’s really only one fight on Thursday’s season-ending Bellator 34 card: power striker Zoila Frausto vs. the 22-0 Japanese grappling phenom Megumi Fujii. It will result in the crowning of the promotion’s first women’s champ but more than that, it’s an opportunity to see the female Shinya Aoki in action.

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UFC and WEC will merge in 2011

The world of MMA just got bigger – and smaller. UFC boss Dana White’s “big announcement” on Thursday was that the UFC will merge (i.e., absorb, swallow, consume) with its little brother, the WEC. The shuttering of the WEC will be finalized by the end of this year, with WEC 52 on November 11 and WEC 53 on December 16 the final cards for the promotion.

That means we can expect a showdown between the UFC and WEC lightweight champs, although White didn’t provide a timeline for when that clash might occur. WEC champ Ben Henderson and challenger Anthony Pettis will square off at WEC 53 while UFC belt holder Frankie Edgar faces Gray Maynard at UFC 125 on January 1. The winners of those bouts will meet in a title unification bout.

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Patrick Cote shown the cage door by the UFC

It’s no surprise that Patrick Cote was released from the UFC, which he announced in a Twitter message today. Cote lost – and was completely out-wrestled – against Tom Lawlor at last Saturday’s UFC 121, marking his third consecutive defeat.

Still, it’s a little disappointing. After all, this is the fighter whose first fight in the UFC saw him accept a bump from the bottom of the undercard to taking on then-light heavyweight champ Tito Ortiz in the main event on just a couple of weeks notice. But guts and heart aren’t enough to stick around unless you’re Stephan Bonnar.

Cote went 4-7 in the octagon, was a finalist in season four of The Ultimate Fighter and has battled successive knee injuries since he came up lame in his title fight with Anderson Silva.

Of course, that won’t be the end of Cote in the UFC. It’s a safe bet that the promotion will truck him out when needed for events held in Canada, just as they have David Loiseau and Jason MacDonald.

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Brock Lesnar needs a cloak of invisibility and a +5 AC to survive in the UFC

I’m not the only one who thinks Brock Lesnar is a big cry baby who doesn’t like getting hit and doesn’t even know how to respond when hit other than to cower in the nearest corner with his hands over his head. James Ryan over at the Bleacher Report has written a bang-on ccurate take on the Lesnar dilemma called “The Sad Truth about is Cowardly Instincts.” He writes:

It would be difficult for anyone to be successful in combat sports without proper defensive skills, but with Lesnar, the issue appears to be much greater than that. The problem isn’t just with Lesnar’s inexperience or his inability to counter back at his opponents while he’s being attacked. The problem lies in his instincts—his reaction to getting hit. Lesnar simply couldn’t run and hide fast enough, and that, fight fans, is completely unacceptable behaviour from a man claiming to be the “Baddest Man on the Planet.” Incredibly, the “Viking Warrior” isn’t the unstoppable Dungeons & Dragons fantasy character that we all imagined him to be. Instead, he’s just an oversized athlete who doesn’t like to get punched in the face.

October 26, 2010   1 Comment

Break out the Robaxacet – Shane Carwin has a sore back

It’s official: Shane Carwin is out of his UFC 125 bout with Roy Nelson. The former (and future?) heavyweight contender has a back injury. The interesting thing about his official statement, though, isn’t specifically about the injury – it’s that one of the reasons he’s pulling out of the Nelson fight is because he can’t give the fans a good “show.” It’s refreshing to see a top-ranked fighter acknowledge, even casually, the role of entertainment/show business in putting on a good card, that’s it’s not purely about fighting but also about the surrounding atmosphere that the fight creates. Here’s how he put it on his web site:

I am going to pull out of the fight with Roy Nelson. As many of you know I have been having some back pain. I had an MRI yesterday and I have some damage that may really require surgery. If the doctors do not have to perform surgery then I will be out 8-12 weeks. If they do have to perform surgery I do not know how long I will be out of action.

I was really looking forward to fighting again and obviously this is a very disappointing turn of events. My manager said “You can’t fight the best fighters in the world with just heart, it is time to stop limping to the top of the mountain and get healthy so you can climb it on your terms.” I have been up all night thinking about this decision and what I may be missing by making it. In the end my family and manager are right. I owe myself, I owe my fans the best show I can give them. I need to get healthy. I am going to be speaking with the surgeon this week about the surgery. My thoughts are if the surgery fixes it why add 8-12 weeks of physical therapy, epidurals and traction if surgery may still be needed. The good news is the doctors said I can work on my cardio (they must have seen my last fight lol) with this injury.

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With Shane Carwin out of UFC 125, so how about Brock Lesnar vs. Big Country?

Shane Carwin has pulled out of his UFC 125 bout with Roy Nelson due to an undisclosed back injury, according to “Showdown” Joe Ferraro. Now, in an ideal world, the newly humbled Brock Lesnar would be slotted in against Nelson in a battle of behemoths that evokes the best (and worst) of the great PRIDE mismatches.

I really think Nelson’s ability to throw and eat leather would give Lesnar trouble on the feet and his immense girth would almost surely nullify Lesnar’s wrestling-based ground attack. At least, it’s fun to entertain the thought of Lesnar being completely incapable of beating a Weeble Wobble like Big Country.

Of course, that’s not likely – at least not yet – simply because Lesnar would still have to clear medicals and express a desire to compete again so soon after losing the heavyweight belt to Cain Velasquez. Instead, we’ll probably get Frank Mir or better yet Brendan Schaub stepping up – assuming he’s in shape to fight after his tough decision win over Gabriel Gonzaga at UFC 121.

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Jake Shields doesn’t deserve a title shot

Why is Jake Shields still getting a shot at the welterweight title? I don’t care how difficult the weight cut was for the former Strikeforce middleweight champ (something like 20 pounds in one day), the much-vaunted grappler looked less-than-impressive in his split-decision win over Martin Kampmann at UFC 121.

More accurately, Kampmann looked really good – peppering Shields with strikes, holding him at bay, defending takedowns, avoiding damage and escaping being mounted when he was taken down, getting back to his feet – until the third round when Kampmann decided to play Shields’ game and tried to beat him on the ground. Dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb.

So now we’re stuck with Shields vs. Georges St. Pierre. Yes, I know GSP still has Josh Koscheck ahead of him but that’s more of a formality than a fight. And then it’s Shields and GSP and that’ll be like watching two socks in a clothes dryer. I’d much rather see Shields vs. Jon Fitch, who was also promised a title shot after beating Thiago Alves but then UFC prez Dana White makes promises like he’s running for public office. Hell, I’d rather see Shields vs. Koscheck. At least Koscheck promises a bar fight – haymakers, eye pokes and groin shots.

October 25, 2010   3 Comments

And now, a few words from the next UFC heavyweight champ

October 25, 2010   1 Comment

Call the Brocktologist – Lesnar got his ass kicked

It’s the most satisfying 4:12 in mixed martial arts history. More joyously heartening, even, than watching Mauricio “Shogun” Rua claim the light heavyweight title that was rightfully his when he beat Lyoto Machida (the second time).

That was an injustice righted, a reason to high-five strangers at the bar. This, UFC 121, this was something else, a spiritual cleansing, an elimination of a foul stench like sweaty jock straps that has clung to the UFC since Brock Lesnar was gifted a title shot with only two wins under his belt and allowed to spin a man-mountain physique and a JD Salinger-meets-Larry the Cable Guy cult of personality into the sport’s most-hated, most-watched athlete.

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