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Taking a trip to Fightville at Hot Docs

I’ll be seeing Fightville, Michael Tucker and Petra Epperlein’s MMA doc at a preview screening on Tuesday. It premieres at Toronto’s Hot Docs festival on Thursday, April 28 (and re-screening on April 29 and May 3), and if the trailer is any indication, this is the MMA movie I’ve been waiting for.

While on the surface it might seem a little too “inside baseball” to appeal to mainstream audiences (i.e. non-MMA fans), but often the most-fascinating documentaries are the ones that burrow deep inside a subject in the pursuit of exposing universal truths. Think of The King of Kong, ostensibly a doc about the rivalry between middle-aged video game players, or Tucker and Epperlein’s own Gunner Palace, about American troops in Baghdad. Neither of those docs are about what they appear to be about, if you catch my drift.

And I’m confident that Fightville will follow suit. Sure, MMA fans will love it; that’s almost a given. But here’s a film by smart, experienced filmmakers telling a story not for TUF and Tapout commercial lovers but for documentary lovers . I’m actually hopeful there’s a bit of  A Fighter’s Heart/Mind feel to the film.

I’ve already been in touch with Tucker and will be lining up an interview with him when he’s in Toronto. I’ll also be talking to two of the fighters featured in the doc, Tim Credeur and Dustin Poirier.

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