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Dana White gets swarmed for UFC tickets

It’s no joke that a huge part of the UFC’s success is due to Dana White. I’m not talking about his business acumen or his matchmaking skills. I’m talking about his people skills. Not “smooth charmer” skills, but the sense that he’s just like the fans who have turned the UFC into the biggest MMA promotion on the planet and White into a celebrity to rival the most-popular fighter’s. He’s a rock star.

Just look at him giving out free tickets to UFC 129 in Toronto and getting swarmed. Check him out, snapping a 100-dollar-bill off a wad in his pocket so one of his fans can pay the parking ticket she just got while she ran to try and get free tickets. Can you name another head of a major sports organization who’s so down with the people? Is there any corporate head who’s so, well, liked by those who stuff his pockets with rolls of hundreds?

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1 Kris { 04.30.11 at 9:09 am }

I was at the Q n A and because of Dana my girl and I get to go back stage today to meet Anderson Silva and a hang with a few fighters.

But the real kicker was when a guy asked Dana if he could put the belt around the winner of the Shields/GSP fight and he agreed to it! That’s like having Gary Bettman or Roger Goddell letting a fan announce the 1st round draft pick at the Drfat or giving out the Stanley Cup. Dana definitely brings some awesome stuff to his fans. The brand loyalty speaks for itself.

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