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Tim Credeur’s Fightville charms

I commented on Tim Credeur possessing a funny, insightful all-around-good-guy quality in the interview I posted about him yesterday. Well, last night I had a chance to meet Credeur in person at the Hot Docs premiere of Fightville, the amazing documentary by Mike Tucker that goes inside Credeur’s Louisiana gym, Gladiators Academy. And he was everything he was on the phone and more.

Quite a charmer, that Mr. Credeur, and in the nicest, most-down-to-earth way possible. Just check out the post-screening Q&A for a sense of Credeur’s personality. He’s funny, charming, disarming, and beneath that easy laid back style there’s a grown up edge that says he’s not to be messed with, that fun is fun but sometimes you need to be serious, that he’s lived a little and been through some things and that he works for a living.

If UFC boss Dana White was smart he’d tap into that to help promote the sport. Maybe get Credeur to do some video blogging for the UFC, make some appearances, get out to the media and the public in a less-contained and controlled way than during the promotional requirements prior to a fight.

As for Fightville, it played just as well if not better than the first time I saw it. The story’s just as honest and real and powerfully directed, and it’s just as exciting even if I know how all the fights and ups and downs are going to play out. I’m already looking forward to owning the DVD so I can watch it a few more times. Of course, I’ll be happy to own it after Fightville has a nice theatrical run. It’s playing Hot Docs at least once more, so once the UFC 129 mayhem is over you should definitely check it out.

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1 Blake { 04.29.11 at 11:44 pm }

Tim and Dustin are not only great fighters but also great guys to be around. These guys are perfect representatives of the sport. Much respect to them for all they’ve accomplished so far.

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