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Video: Injuries happen, but do we need to watch the replay?

A couple of weeks ago I witnessed a cringe-inducing limb-mangling at the Copa Ontario jiu-jitsu tournament hosted by my club, Toronto BJJ. It was entirely unintentional and a complete fluke. I don’t recall ever seeing anyone win a match simply by pulling guard but it happened. I know that the competitor who caused the injury, FW’s Jesse Katz, felt horrible afterward.

I happened to catch the match with my iPhone and posted the video on Toronto BJJ’s Facebook pages, which sparked a bit of a debate among a few from the club, to wit: posting the video puts BJJ (and by extension Toronto BJJ) in a poor light and misrepresents the beauty of the martial art.

I say it’s no big deal, that these kinds of “man gets hit in groin with football” type videos are a dime a dozen and we all watch them, that if the video had been from another tournament no one would be complaining, that sure BJJ is a beautiful martial art but it is a martial art and injuries happen and you have to expect that so nut up or shut up. I mean, how many times have you been injured playing sports, and how many times have you turned that injury – a black eye, broken nose, dislocated shoulder – into a war story, something that you’re actually sheepishly proud of? So, what do you think? Was posting the video a bad idea?

And in an effort to erase that injury from your mind, I give you this. Just skip ahead to the 1:18 mark and turn the volume up.


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