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Chris Leben tests positive for Oxy

It’s no surprise that Chris Leben tested positive for Oxycodone and Oxymorphone following his UFC 138 loss at the hands of Mark Munoz. Not because it’s his second positive drug test (the first was for Stanozolol following his Michael Bisping bout). It’s surprising that more fighters don’t test positive for painkillers.

The abuse that a fighter’s body takes during training is severe, and the pain and damage can be cumulative, to the point that popping a pill just to get through the day is a way of life, a way to dull the pain, to relax the body and the mind, to cope. No, it’s not like that for all fighters, or even most fighters, but for some absolutely. Leben is a stand-and-bang wild man who’s absorbed more than his share of punishment in the cage and I can only imagine what he’s gone through during training. He’s been down this road before, though, with failed drug tests and DUI arrests, so it certainly speaks to a larger issue than just having a boo-boo that hurts. But it’s not as though Leben is some rare case. I think we’d be surprised to find out who else would fail a random drug test. Maybe his one-year suspension will help him figure things out.

Here’s the statement Leben released this afternoon after the suspension was announced by the UFC:

“I would like to make it known that I fully accept this suspension and apologize for embarrassing the UFC, my friends and family, and sport of mixed martial arts. I’m learning that I’m my own worst enemy sometimes. I can’t succeed in the Octagon or in life behaving this way. I’ve got to make some real changes over the next year and I’m going to focus on getting my life and career back on track. Again, I’m sorry to the UFC and fans that’ve supported me since my days on The Ultimate Fighter.”


1 Kris { 11.30.11 at 4:37 pm }

I hate this dick. Even when he came back from his last suspension and the UFC showed all these motivational clips of him moving from the ‘drug-ridden cabin in Oregon’ to running hills in Hawaii like he was Rocky Balboa in Russia made me sick. Leben is a snake that won’t change his skin. Has he given us some excellent fights? Absolutely. But can any MMA fan really want to see this guy again after disrespecting the sport so many times over the last 3-4 years?

2 charles { 09.25.12 at 10:40 am }

im disappointed not that he took the pill but that he think that they wont check your urine and think he can get away with him taking a pain killer

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