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Dana White’s vlog and UFC on Fox boredom

I was so bored by last Saturday’s UFC on Fox three-bout main card that I forgot to write my reactions to it. Even the animated rock ‘em sock ‘em robots during the opening credits were more memorable.

Chael Sonnen looked horrible in a decision win over Michael Bisping and Rashad Evans looked similarly unimpressive while outclassing Phil Davis, which makes me even less inspired to watch Sonnen’s rematch with middleweight champ Anderson Silva or Evans’ tilt with light heavyweight champ Jon Jones. Neither stands a chance. Not even Sonnen, who came within a couple of minutes and a triangle of beating Silva the first time around, looks like he’s got anything in the arsenal that Silva won’t be ready for. And I don’t see how Evans has a hope of getting close enough to his pal-turned-nemesis to put him down. Just not going to happen.

At least we’ve got a solid UFC 143 on Saturday to look forward to. Nick Diaz and Carlos Condit locking horns over the welterweight interim title has me wondering whether I’d rather see Diaz win so that Georges St. Pierre can shut him up in the fall, or Condit shut him up right now. Tough call. Count me as a Roy Nelson fan and a Fabricio Werdum fan, so that heavyweight tilt has me calling “pick ‘em,” while Renan Barao and preliminary carders Dustin Poirier and the grinning lunatic Matt Riddle each have bouts that will have my attention.

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1 jayT { 02.01.12 at 6:40 pm }

Sonnen’s performance was astonishingly disappointing. He keeps saying “you’re as good as your last fight”, and judging by that he doesnt look like he stands a chance with Silva. His dismal wrestling with Bisping takes away the heat from all his future trash talking, and makes me less excited than i was for his next fight. Which is too bad, because he looked like he can genuinely back up the bad mofo persona he created for himself. And secretly, as much as we respect Silva’s invincibility, I’m sure we would all enjoy seeing a better fighter come along and destroy him. I just doubt Sonnen is “it” right now. Unless he manages to get his act together before august. And here’s to that!

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