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“It’s just a job. Grass grows, birds fly, waves pound the sand. I beat people up.”        – Muhammad Ali


I know what you’re thinking: We need another MMA website like Chuck Liddell needs another punch in the head. But Fighting Words isn’t going toe-to-toe with the cage writers at the Sherdogs and MMA Junkies and Bloody Elbows of the world. You want statistics and bell-to-bell analysis, go somewhere else. You want the real tale of the tape – thoughtful commentary delivered with intelligence and attitude – well, FW punches way above its weight class. It’s no accident that the quote above is from a man as well-known for his words as his fighting.

And if you think we’re taking ourselves way too seriously for a blog about half-naked sweaty guys (and gals)  rolling around in a cage trying to hurt each other, consider these fighting words:

“It is not the critic who counts, not the man who points out how the strong man stumbled, or where the doer of deeds could have done better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena; whose face is marred by the dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs and comes short again and again; who knows the great enthusiasms, the great devotions, and spends himself in a worthy course; who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement and who, at worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who know neither victory nor defeat.” – Theodore Roosevelt

Fighting Words creator Barrett Hooper is a National Magazine Award-nominated journalist and blue belt at life. Barrett lives in Toronto, where MMA is still unsanctioned. He’s written about MMA for the National Post, Toronto Metro, Five Ounces of Pain, Toro Magazine and Toronto Life, and has contributed to the Globe And Mail, Saturday NightCanadian Business and NOW Magazine.

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